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Archive for: October, 2011

The Electric Soup Kitchen Halloween Special!

Here it is, the culmination of all this Halloween hysteria! If I’ve learnt anything putting this podcast together, it’s that though most people don’t really believe in ghosts, everyone has some sort of story or spooky experience. At least the people I talked to. I’m a non-believer myself, but we discuss two things that happened [...]

30: Kate Bush – Hammer Horror

We made it! The final post before tomorrow’s podcast. The countdown has been huge this year, with posts hitting 500-600 views a day, so a big thank you to all involved. Tomorrows post will be a recreation of a podcast I used to put out called “The Electric Soup Kitchen” and the Halloween specials were [...]

29: The 5 Jones Boys – Mr Ghost Goes To Town

“He’ll shake his bones to hot saxophones, Cause Mr. Ghost is going to town.” From 1937 here’s the vocal harmony stylings of The Five Jones Boys. Which means everything you hear on this recording is performed by a group member using only their voice. Apparently they did use a guitar sometimes, but I can’t hear [...]

28: Yog The Monster From Space

Actually, Akira Ifukube’s opening music for ‘Yog The Monster From Space’. The film’s an ok story of a giant cuttlefish terrorising a small tropical island and fighting with a giant hermit crab and turtle. Yog is actually a tiny space amoeba who causes the creatures to grow. In fact, ‘Space Amoeba’ is the film’s Japanese [...]

27: The Who – Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

I’ve been obsessed with The Who since a friend introduced me to their music when I was about 13 years old. Which means, as my 43rd Birthday comes rolling around next year, I’ll have been listening to them for 30 years! It’s just crazy to be listening to the same music for that long, but [...]

26: Mario Bava

Mario Bava – the Godfather of Italian horror. The Giallo crime thriller? Bava got there first. The Slasher film? Watch Bava’s ‘Bay Of Blood’ and see where ‘Friday the 13th’ took its inspiration. A major influence on the look of the planet and crashed ship in Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’? Take at look at ‘Planet of [...]

25: The Ghostly Hound

You may have noticed that I’ve been finishing these posts with a request for real life spooky stories. My plan was to read some in the podcast I’m compiling for the Halloween finale, but I’m going to share this one here. I had an attempt at recording it, but trust me, it reads better here than [...]

X-Factor Live – Week 3: Rawk!

It’s Rock Week, and we know what that means: A contestant performs clad only in a strategically placed sock! The audience throw urine-filled coke bottles at Kelly Rowland! Pink faux-leopard print leggings ahoy! Now, many of you will be saying “RockWeek? What does Boring Gary Barlow know of Rock? Of its brooding intensities and life-affirming [...]

Police Academy v Zeppelin

Showcasing the true talent from the Police Academy movies. Suck it up Guttenberg.

24: When Robots Have Ghosts

Here’s an unusual little mp3 that’s not intended to be scary, in fact it’s a holiday souvenir ”Voice-O-Graph” recording from circa 1940. I don’t remember them, but apparently little booths where you could go and record your own message onto a vinyl pressing were quite popular. Back in 2007 someone over at WFMU Beware Of The [...]


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