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Archive for: April, 2010

Who Da Man?

I was going to reserve judgement on the new Doctor till the end of this series, but last week’s episode was so weak I now feel the need to speak out just to break the jinx. I suppose it didn’t help that the series opened on such a high. The critical buzzword on‘ The Eleventh Hour’ was ‘assured’, but [...]

Head Chef’s Jedi Mind(er) Trick

Has Lucas gone too far this time? With the usual disregard for his fans, he may have re-edited the song from Jabba’s palace into a whole new version. Maybe this is the cut that we’ll see on the forthcoming Blu-Rays?

Walker’s TV Week: Channel 4 wants us under house arrest

Remember the good old days? When there were only five channels? The two Beebs, ITV for stupid people, C4 for clever people and five for Hitler fans? Ah, simple times, good times. Well, Channel 4 remembers them too, and has decided to get back to their roots. Only, being a channel for clever people didn’t [...]

Nicky Campbell loves the c*ntryside

Live on BBC Radio 5Live Breakfast, Nicky Campbell says the c-word twice. And then he does it again, later, here: On April 1st, obviously, so did he do it for a bet? Wouldn’t put it past him.


I know I’m not exactly prolific. It’s going to be a while before I match y2cl‘s mighty target of 1000 comics (congrats John btw), but I’ve realised that I’m spending too much time trying to maintain my schedule of one cartoon a week here and two a week for my new webcomic Milton’s Life. As [...]

Diamonds are Forever

Ok, cheesy title, but then I did turn 40 last month and am allowed a little cheese, just as I’m allowed a mini-midlife crisis crush on this half Welsh, half Greek pop diva who looks like CZJ (even though she does say so herself) and sounds like Robbie Williams channeling Kate Bush. The lyrics can be self-referential to the point of [...]

The Mops – I’m A Mops

Taken from a compilation of sixties Japanese guitar groups entitled Japan Wild Favorites! (Wildworld Vol. 2) ‘I’m A Mops’ by The Mops is a fine piece of rock n’ roll. It features a freak-out guitar solo, about three different time changes, and some odd spoken word stuff over the solo that I can’t make out. [...]

Walker’s TV Week: The Winter Olympics

Well, it’s Easter and that means the TV schedulers go on some kind of drug-fuelled retreat until September, leaving us with repeats of The Fantastic Four, Tomb Raider, and Roger Moore-flavoured Bond films to see us through the summer. For some reason it’s apparently believed that the viewing public only watch TV in January and [...]

Green Screen

And the webcomic you should dive into this week is Calamities of Nature.

Walker’s TV Week: The UC

It has more rounds than ‘Masterchef’, but the presenter would die rather than misuse the word ‘unctuous’. The participants would have a hard time pulling on even the most WKD-fuelled episode of ‘Ibiza Uncovered’, but could tell you the process by which the Balearic Islands appeared in the Mediterranean. Sometimes it’s more unintelligible than an [...]


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