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Archive for: July, 2009

Reggie’s in Soho

Master technician, vocal legend, absurdist stand-up, Reggie Watts covers all the bases if, like me, you think Bill Bailey’s lost his oddball ‘edge’. Blending looped vocals with surrealist observations – at one point scatting through the settings on his projector to unexpectedly comic effect -  he’s just started a dozen day residency at the Soho Theatre in London, finishing on August 8th, so please [...]


Webcomic pick for this week is this little gem that I stumbled across recently – The Purple Gerbil. That is all.

San Diego Comic Con News

The new Tron movie is pretty much old news, but the recent San Diego Comic Con showcased this HD trailer featuring original Flynn Jeff Bridges, and it’s worth reviewing:   I previously had no interest in revisiting the Tron universe. I’ve watched the original movie again & again, but mostly as a loonball visual experiment that was [...]

J-stache and The D Man

Now normally I wouldn’t bother commenting on a video. All the latest ones – Hitler’s reaction to Jacko’s death, Man Landing on the Fucking Moon – speak for themselves, but I can’t let this one go without revelling in the majesty of it, and yes, I am talking as a man who was once one of [...]

Spotify for iPhone is coming…

Oh my giddy Christ, if you are in any way a music fan your entire universe is about to be felched into a cocked hat. Spotify is coming to the iPhone and it will utterly annihilate iTunes. Why pay 70p for a single track when you can have access to virtually every song on the planet for [...]

Vox Crocks

Liam Gallagher has denied that he stormed off-stage at last Wednesday’s Oasis gig at the London Roundhouse. Apparently ’mad for it’  from the minute he walked on, he spent most of the set haranguing the ‘fat boys’ and ‘fucking students with pointy shoes’ who were soaking his hallowed parka with beer.  “I hope you feel as fucking uncomfortable as [...]


Ah, the joys of ctrl C & ctrl V. Where would any lazy webcomic artist be without them? Want to hear me rambling on incoherently for half an hour or so? Well, you could ring me up and hope that I’m drunk – you’ll get a good diatribe about how people spend their time looking [...]

Net Round-Up #3

Time for another quick dash through the muddy waters of the world’s subconscious lust for obscenity and death – yes, it’s internet round-up time! First up is a site that’s being doing the rounds on Twitter for quite a while, but is well worth another look – Awkward Family Photos. We’ve all been there. The [...]


Is no one else excited? Goblin? Live at The Scala on Monday the 27th of July? It’s too good to be true, right? Ok, there may be only handful of people who share my excitement at seeing these masters of Italian prog rock next week and you can bet they’re all Dario Argento fans too. [...]

Man Lands On The Fucking Moon


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