I’ve been obsessed with The Who since a friend introduced me to their music when I was about 13 years old. Which means, as my 43rd Birthday comes rolling around next year, I’ll have been listening to them for 30 years! It’s just crazy to be listening to the same music for that long, but I have and will continue to. They fascinate me. My holiday reading? A lengthy book that details three years in the band’s life in such minute detail that I could probably tell you what guitar strings John Entwistle was using at the time.

I can’t explain it (no pun intended). I suppose the bigger question is, how do obsessions come about, last so long? Do we choose them, or do they fit some complicated set of needs in us? I dunno. This is a Halloween Countdown, not 10 mins in the psychotherapist’s chair.

I mention Mr Entwistle because this is one of his songs. B-side to the single “Magic Bus” in 1968 and supposedly about life with Keith Moon, although I’ve also heard it was intended as part of an album of dark nursery-rhyme type songs for kids that the bass player never completed. There’s lead guitar in there somewhere, but not surprisingly the bass is mixed louder than anything else. That’s also got to be Keith Moon laughing near the end.

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Tomorrow we meet Yog the monster from space.

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