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Archive for: November, 2010

X Factor Week 7: Beatles Night

If Simon Bent Hedgehog Hair were to hear me sing, there is no doubt he would say “Its very karaoke”. And he would have a point, as if he, or indeed anyone else, were to hear me sing, it would be because they were in Karaoke Box. Of course, I have to question what the [...]

Paddy McAloon – I Trawl the Megahertz

Following on from the Gavin Bryars post, which can be found here:, I started thinking about other long, experimental pieces of music that could fit alongside ‘Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet’ and Paddy McAloon’s 22 minute “I Trawl the Megahertz” seemed like the perfect match. Though it sounds like it was directly influenced [...]

We Are Two

Yes, yes, yes! The Roomyverse celebrated its second birthday as a blog this month. At the end of November we’ll top 360 posts, and last month, thanks to Head Chef’s Halloween Countdown, we had an unprecedented six and a half thousand visitors (hiya!) while Johanna’s X-Factor blog is viewed by over 500 folk every week. This [...]

Take That: Progress

I’ve been a TT fan for a while now because I think Barlow is as brilliant a pop writer as Benny & Bjorn, and you may well choke on your chips, but who can doubt the craft behind ’Never Forget’, ‘Back for Good’, ‘Rule the World’, or even ’Greatest Day’. These are songs with legs; songs we’ll be hollaring for decades; [...]

Janelle Monae: “Many Moons”

This is an amazing song. Why isn’t this lady any bigger?

Bad Comics 106-110

Yeah, more bad comics. And this week’s webcomic pick is Girls with Slingshots. It’s just had a groovy redesign and it’s finally got an RSS feed – woohoo!

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet – Gavin Bryars

This is a piece of music I’ve had for a long time, but only recently have all the pieces fallen into place. I remember hearing this version on late night radio back in the early nineties, even went out and bought it. Then I sort of forgot about it. You have to find time to [...]

The Knock On Effect

If you’re seeking a worthy charity to supply your christmas cards this year then please stroll along to The Knock On Effect, a website run by the wonderful Rosie Kilburn. There are all kinds of gifts to buy – shirts, bags, jewellery, tea towels, as well as christmas cards, obviously - and every penny goes to a cancer [...]

X Factor Week 6: Elton John Night

Perusing the Hampshire Chronicle online this week, my soul gently fluttered to read the words ‘X Factor band switches on lights in Winchester’! So surely have Simon’s True Direction imprinted themselves on my consciousness I immediately thought “No, this cannot be. This is far too small a gig for them. Surely they would get the [...]

Whaling on Whales

Okay, I’ve officially stared at this one for to long and now can’t tell if it’s funny or just nonsensical. What d’you reckon? If you’re in the mood for some more nonsense that definitely is funny, have a gander at Antics.


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