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Doctor Who: INXplicable

EXT. CLAPHAM COMMON. DAY The Tardis materialises and The Doctor bursts out, followed slightly less enthusiastically by Amy & Rory. DOCTOR London! 1987! The year of The Joshua Tree! Reagan tells Gorby to tear down the wall! The Simpsons are born! And so… He whirls around to point a finger at Amy – …are you.  [...]

Who Da Man?

I was going to reserve judgement on the new Doctor till the end of this series, but last week’s episode was so weak I now feel the need to speak out just to break the jinx. I suppose it didn’t help that the series opened on such a high. The critical buzzword on‘ The Eleventh Hour’ was ‘assured’, but [...]

The End of Time

There are some wonderful moments in David Tennant’s final Timelord adventure. Bernard Cribbins is brilliant, and all his exchanges with The Doctor shine in oddly tender & poignant ways. The Doctor’s reason for locking away his own people forever is tragically plausable. John Simm’s Master is fantastic value and Tennant himself has to do more than has ever been done [...]

Time Lord Victorious

Last night’s Doctor Who special, ‘The Waters of Mars’, was such a tonal shift from Easter’s execrable ‘The Planet of The Dead’ that I had to double check their credits. How could Russell T Davies have penned both the former’s tense treatise on the laws of Time and the latter’s Punch & Judy exercise in limp sci-fi generics? Maybe [...]

San Diego Comic Con News

The new Tron movie is pretty much old news, but the recent San Diego Comic Con showcased this HD trailer featuring original Flynn Jeff Bridges, and it’s worth reviewing:   I previously had no interest in revisiting the Tron universe. I’ve watched the original movie again & again, but mostly as a loonball visual experiment that was [...]

Doctor WTF?

I know I’m not alone in being a bit underwhelmed by last night’s Doctor Who Easter special. In fact our Head Chef’s already called it ‘tripe’ and I think he’s only being a smidge uncharitable. David Tennant has emblazoned our screens with many classic episodes - ’Midnight’, ‘Blink’, ‘Forest of the Dead’, ‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ – but ‘Planet of the [...]

TV is Unwell – Better Call The Doctor

God and the doctor we alike adore, But only when in danger, not before; The danger o’er, both are requited, God is forgotten, and the doctor slighted (Epigrams JOHN OWEN 1563-1622)

Matt Smith: The New Doctor Who

Matt Smith: The New Doctor Who

Who he?? Well, he only made his TV debut in 2006, starring opposite Billie Piper in ‘The Ruby in the Smoke’, and he’s the youngest doctor ever at 26. Beyond that I know nothing of him whatsoever, except that his face appears to be obscenely boney - almost to the point of elephantitis – and there’s nothing even remotely [...]


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