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Archive for: October, 2010

Bad News

A Halloween(ish) update for you all. This week’s webcomic pick is barmily absurd Romantically Apocalyptic

Happy Halloween! – John Shuttleworth’s Open Mind: Vampires

If you made it this far, thank you. If you’ve made it this far two years running, then you may remember we ended last year with a whole night of radio programming from back in 1973. You can still find it here: So, in keeping with that, here’s a longer mp3 in the form [...]

Spooks Schmooks? Yes, and no, and Yes

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I’d never seen a full episode before this week and now I know why. Obviously, some slither of my brain was aware of how horrendously staged it is, but nothing could have prepared me for the blazing warehouse of odorous codpieces that is ‘Spooks’. First off, compared to proper spies [...]

Halloween Countdown Part 7: Duck and Cover!

They knew. The governments of the time all knew that, if a nuclear attack came, their countries would be devastated and most that survived would ultimately die of radiation poisoning. Much of the Cold War advice insists that 2 to 14 days is the longest you will have to wait until they get to you. [...]

2010 Halloween Countdown Part 6: REM – Spooky

Here’s REM from 1995. A time when they were the biggest band in the world. It kind of ruined them didn’t it? They lost all their intimacy and later albums seemed, not only to be crushed under the weight of expectation, but too polished and professional. Not their fault though. Where can you go after [...]

2010 Halloween Countdown Part 5: The Splash Band’s John Carpenter Disco Album.

We’re back on our disco theme today and yet again it hails from Germany. Back in 1984 an enterprising musician by the name of Ralf Hennings, and an engineer called Elmar Noderer, thought it would be a good idea to record an album of John Carpenter’s film scores, but also reinterpret them as disco versions. [...]

2010 Halloween Countdown Part 4: Creepshow

I have to confess that my main reason for including Creepshow in the countdown is to use this clip of Ed Harris dancing. If you haven’t already, click below and watch it. Where the hell did he get those dance moves? Creepshow is the perfect Halloween movie and its pedigree is pretty high. Written by [...]

2010 Halloween Countdown Part 3: The Auteurs – After Murder Park

Today we’re going with something a little different and feature a band that has no obvious link to Halloween, though they released an album as dark and disturbing as most horror films. From the opening track “Light Aircraft on Fire” to the last track “After Murder Park” the album doesn’t put a foot wrong. It’s [...]

2010 Halloween Countdown Part 2: Hot Blood – Disco Dracula

Welcome back to the Roomyverse Halloween Countdown Part Two! As we all know, anyone without the soul for getting down must stand and face the hounds of hell or rot inside a corpse’s shell, but they should also have a listen to “Disco Dracula” by Hot Blood, because it’s guaranteed to get your tail feather [...]

2010 Halloween Countdown Part 1: Karloff and Price

Well, another year has wearied and condemned us, which means it’s time for the Roomyverse Halloween Countdown! Last year’s countdown was a whopper. It can still be found here: This year’s is slightly slimlined, but still chock full o’ treats. For the week running up to the 31st, I’m going to be posting some [...]


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