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Archive for: June, 2009

He’s out of my life….

Mother. Fucker. That’s my supply route right down the crapper. Jackson has been feeding me primo merchandise for the last fifteen years – six year olds, seven year olds, none crippled or crazy. Only the softest, plumpest subjects for his old friend Roomynonce. We go back a long way, back to ’75 when we used to [...]

Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

I was going to post more Elvis this week, but is seems pointless to ignore the death of another musical giant, whose life was even more bizarre and success greater than the king himself, Michael Jackson. Elvis will have to wait. Now, I’m not a M.J fan, his music just isn’t for me, I liked [...]

Wacko but Jacko

I didn’t think I cared too much about Michael Jackson till hearing ‘Black & White’ on the radio this morning brought a tear to my eye. Not many would hold that song up alongside Billy Jean, but the craft in it was undeniable, as was the pleasure the man brought to millions. He was undeniably [...]

Wise Old Owl

Hey, another multi-panel cartoon. I must have too much spare time on my hands. Looking back over my cartoons, I can definitely see the influence of other webcomics I read. I think this one has a touch of Buttersafe about it. I don’t know why I’m pointing this out, as it’s only going to make [...]

2001 Opening, by The Portsmouth Sinfonia

Ol’ Blue Eyes Vs The Pelvis

Here’s a quick one for you, Frank Sinatra and Elvis singing together on Frank’s TV show in 1960. They’re sort of trying to imitate each others singing styles and tellingly the arrangement is still swing, but it’s still one for the history books. In a few short years the crooners would be practically extinct and [...]

For Whom The Bell Trolls

Some of you might not waste quite as much time as I do idly surfing the internet and may not be aware of this annoying meme. Basically, there are people still think it’s hilarious to write “Shopped!” underneath a picture (any picture) regardless of how likely that it has actually been photoshopped or not. These [...]

Fart Rape

Who hasn’t experienced the situation where somebody in your vicinity thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to slyly break wind? They know the anonymity of being in a group of people is protecting them, and I’m convinced that they also take great pleasure in their malodorous and anti-social hobby. Fart rape is a passtime for the risk [...]


I do feel a bit guilty slagging off this particular word as some of you have been kind enough to use it to describe some of my other cartoons. However, it’s overused (and yes, I know that most of the time a certain amount of irony is involved) and it’s time to move on. English [...]


Homoerotic it may be, but Cassetteboy is just the kind of tragically marginalised knobsessed cut n’ paste genius I would love to lick bone dry of a morning. And there are two of them, so that’s a touch of Downhill Skiing before Breakfast. They’re Mike & Steve, two blokes from Brighton who started off in 2000 with [...]


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