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Archive for: November, 2009

The X- Factor – Quarter Final: Take That & Elton John Night

This Week: Could it be Magic and Relight My Fire not massacred! Robbie Williams leaves Take That! Chezza’s dress attacked by oil slick! Joe is very good at being sad! It’s Take That / Elton John week (feel free to read the “/” as either ‘slash’ or ‘stroke’, depending on your preference) which should prove a decent [...]

The Horror, The Horror

Anything can scare you, but Horror, like Comedy, is subjective. Some people can be worked up into a cold sweat with the prospect of the return of a Tory Government, others the thought of going back to work on a Monday morning. But these are existential fears and probably wouldn’t form the basis to a [...]


I was going to post a cartoon about Twilight, but decided that it wasn’t up to snuff and drew a new cartoon at the last moment, hence the slightly rough style.

The X-Factor – Week 7: George Michael Night

Whooo! George Michael night! I know someone whose friend is really good friends with Kenny, and she went on George’s last tour, so I think that practically makes me George’s girlfriend, right?! Either way, someone has had the sense to roll out one of the best and most extensive back catalogues in music, although that [...]

Mitchell & Webb’s Green Clarinet

How To Live

This is my reply to this Abstruse Goose comic. I normally love the Goose, but this “live as if it were your last day” advice is bobbins. In case you haven’t seen in yet, I have a guest strip up at The Drunken Fools. I drew it quite a while ago, but the artist Antoine [...]

The X-Factor – Week 6: Results

Calvin Harris – Jedward Wannabe? It says something about the joy that is John & Edward that I completely missed the fact that Calvin Harris stormed the stage wearing a pineapple on his head. It says something about John & Edward that they hadn’t heard of Calvin Harris, denounced him as trying to achieve fame [...]

Time Lord Victorious

Last night’s Doctor Who special, ‘The Waters of Mars’, was such a tonal shift from Easter’s execrable ‘The Planet of The Dead’ that I had to double check their credits. How could Russell T Davies have penned both the former’s tense treatise on the laws of Time and the latter’s Punch & Judy exercise in limp sci-fi generics? Maybe [...]

The X-Factor – Week 6: Queen Night

Note: While Roomybonce remains too incandescent with rage to write about Simon Cowell after last week’s debacle, long-time X-Factor blogger Johanna has gracefully stepped into the breech to keep our coverage up-to-date. Here’s the first report from her luxurious sofa: This week: It’s Queen night If Simon thinks that’s karaoke, he hasn’t been down Karaoke Box on a Friday night [...]

Thumb War

This week I spent quite a bit of time drawing tanks and planes and guns and explosions. It was great. I felt like I was 10 years old again. And another thing, guess who figured out how to add textures to layers in Photoshop. Can you tell? Can you? Can you? If you want jokes [...]


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