Actually, Akira Ifukube’s opening music for ‘Yog The Monster From Space’. The film’s an ok story of a giant cuttlefish terrorising a small tropical island and fighting with a giant hermit crab and turtle. Yog is actually a tiny space amoeba who causes the creatures to grow. In fact, ‘Space Amoeba’ is the film’s Japanese title, the American’s beefed it up to Yog.

Akria Ifukube again pulls off a masterful score, as he did for many Godzilla movies and seemingly endless Japanese genre films. This time he adds a bleepy, bloopy computer sound to the mix. He took it seriously though, no matter what sort of images he was composing for, and his signature big orchestral sound gives these films and monsters as much identity as the visuals. Like Jaws is just a big rubber shark without his theme tune, these films are pretty much reduced to men in rubber suits crushing cardboard houses without Ifukube’s music. He even contributed some sound FX to the films he worked on. Godzilla’s trademark roar is the slowed down sound of Ifukube pulling a resin-covered leather glove along loosened double-bass strings.

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