What is the Roomyverse?

Well I’m Roomybonce and this is my Universe. It includes all my loves and loathings and some of my friends, namely cartoonist DJ Bogtrotter and Head Chef, our collector of all things esoterically mp3. I’ve been writing versions of this site on & off for over five years, and it’s featured sketches, spoofs, and podcasts, as well as straight news, and I hope to reinstate all of these shortly. Keep on checking back for updates.   

What do we want?

We aim to entertain & inform in our own unique way, and we want you to contribute, either through comments or contributions. The latter can involve text, videos, music, sketches, anything you want, provided it’s not too outrageously abusive or pornographic.

So if you’ve got a funny idea, or just want to vent anything, send it in to  and, if we like it, it shall be seen and read by the hundred or so folk who wander by now and again, an audience I hope to nurture and grow over the coming year.