Yes, yes, yes! The Roomyverse celebrated its second birthday as a blog this month. At the end of November we’ll top 360 posts, and last month, thanks to Head Chef’s Halloween Countdown, we had an unprecedented six and a half thousand visitors (hiya!) while Johanna’s X-Factor blog is viewed by over 500 folk every week. This month we should top 5,000 visitors and, in our lifetime, we’ve clocked over 2,000,000 hits (though that isn’t saying much when the front page alone shows over 20 jpegs).

But I still haven’t finished the podcast I promised twelve months ago, and it looks like I might not this year. I’m not sweating it. The Roomyverse is neither my life’s work, nor the culmination of any creativity. It’s a hobby blog I find time for when I can and I hope you’ll all continue to enjoy it, but I’m nowhere near vain enough to believe that my life’s work – like most folk’s – isn’t actually my kids.

I take great pains in everything I write because I’ve always loved writing and always will, so by all means keep on coming back to us, and please, feel free to comment on anything you read. Who knows? This time next year I might even have a podcast for you.

Thanks again for supporting us, and here’s to a glorious 2011 for you all!