Here’s an unusual little mp3 that’s not intended to be scary, in fact it’s a holiday souvenir ”Voice-O-Graph” recording from circa 1940. I don’t remember them, but apparently little booths where you could go and record your own message onto a vinyl pressing were quite popular.

Back in 2007 someone over at WFMU Beware Of The Blog received a crate of records and found this in there.

It’s the sound of a little girl visiting New York and recording her souvenir disc at the top of the Empire State Building. I imagine the records were of a poor quality to begin with and playing them probably finished them off, but the blogger here has retrieved the message via lots of filtering and noise reduction. I think it’s that process that gives the recording an eerie quality, as a child’s voice from the past calls out through layers of digital technology.

See what you think.

(or right click here and ‘Save Target As’ to download. iPad and iPhone users can also touch that link to open the media in a new window)

If you click the link to WFMU and scroll down through the comments you’ll see one from Carol Ginzburg – the little girl herself!

Tomorrow I have a reader-submitted ghost story for you…

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