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Archive for: May, 2009

Viva Diversity!

Creative dance tour-de-force Diversity inched out borderline sociopath Susan Boyle last night to snatch the Britain’s Got Talent crown from under the YouTube phenomenon’s florid nose & thunderous brow. Fair play, if La Boyle had nailed a fresh song rather than falling back on her Les Mis breakthrough things might have been different, but Diversity brought a third fresh routine onstage to demonstrate more genuine creativity than over half [...]


I can’t think of any alt-text this week. Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m Christopher Walken.

You don’t know me. You think you do, sure, but you don’t. You think I’m some kinda diseased fuck who could rip out your pathetic soul with one blink of these baby blues, but you’re wrong. I wouldn’t waste my time. So do yourself a favour; read some posts, brighten your sadsack life a little - why not? [...]


I hate horoscopes.

I Dismember Mama!!!!

I thought we’d give For One Night Only a little rest. I’ll come back to it at some point, maybe dip in and out of music mp3′s in general, but I have so many non-music related mp3′s to share with you that I didn’t want to get side-tracked by one type of post at the expense [...]


I get the feeling that someone will point out that it should be Lappdancer, but I’m not going to let the facts get between me and a good groan-inducing pun.

We’re revamping and we need You….

Apologies in advance but the site may not be updated quite so frequently as I twiddle with different themes, layouts, and a major WP upgrade. The aim is to make the site more appealing, more accessible, and generally more focussed. In the meantime, we’ve lost two contributors lately and so have vacancies for writers. Please send some sample posts to [email protected], and [...]

For One Night Only Vol.2 – XTC

Right, let’s keep this short and straight to the point. I think there was too much waffle on the last post, especially when this should essentially be about the music. Feels like I should have written “man” at the end of that last sentence, but I’m waffling again. XTC are one of a handful of [...]

What is Twitter?

Let’s start at the beginning. Go to, create an account and log-in. You can then search for people to ‘follow’ (like adding friends on Facebook, except you don’t have to know them) and once you’re following them you will receive their ‘Tweets’. A Tweet is basically like a Facebook status update. It’s text only and can be [...]


This week’s alt-text joke is a little reference to The Ink Tank, a jolly webcomic that has way better I.T. jokes than this one (and a real live webmonkey). He hasn’t updated too much recently as he’s got a new baby (awwww), but will be doing more soon (yeah!) as he just lost his job [...]


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