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Vladimir PUTIN Are you going to ruin our economies again Barack?

Barack OBAMA Might do.

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For One Night Only Vol.2 – XTC

Right, let’s keep this short and straight to the point. I think there was too much waffle on the last post, especially when this should essentially be about the music. Feels like I should have written “man” at the end of that last sentence, but I’m waffling again. XTC are one of a handful of [...]

Akira Ifukube 1914 – 2006

Akira Ifukube 1914 – 2006

All right, enough messing about with B movies and scat singers who may or may not exist, it’s time to spread some musical quality around these parts and treat your abused lug holes to a bit of Akira Ifukube. This frighteningly prolific Japanese composer scored over two hundred and fifty films before he died, but [...]

Shooby Taylor – The Human Horn

I’ve had a bunch of Shooby Taylor mp3′s lurking on my hard drive for a long time and, truth be told, I didn’t really know what to do with them. They brought a smile to my face for sure, but never made it onto the podcast I used to put out and rarely had an [...]


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