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Archive for: June, 2010

iPhone4 v HTC Evo

 These are just two xtranormal videos, but they hilariously capture the demographic for both phones – the imbecilic zeitgeist-slave who must have the iPhone, and the 4G ubergeek who must be on the tech cutting edge. Probably the funniest YouTube vids I’ve seen all year, but then I am a massive geek. And I’m an iPhone man, by [...]

The A&R Guy

You too can make movies like this at, so long as you make it as funny.

Bobbins News: RIP Frank Sidebottom

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Frank Sidebottom, ladies and gentlemen, has passed away with his creator Chris Sievey. I say this only because the world will surely be a poorer place without a cheery chappy in a giant papier-mache head urging us all to singalong to his cockeyed nasal mancunian casio anthems, all of which ended exactly the [...]

Happy 35th Birthday Jaws!

Spielberg’s monster shark movie is 35 this summer. Favourite film? No question about that. I saw it at the tender age of six and sat nervously in the cinema with no idea of what I was about to see. I remember that the fabric the screen curtains were made out of also decorated the walls. [...]

Ing-er-land and the Vuvu Voodoo

So, England start another World Cup campaign with an uninspiring 1-1 draw against a colonial team we should, on paper, annihilate. Don’t think so? Name one Major League Soccer club apart from L.A. Galaxy. You can’t. American football is, comparatively, a non-entity on the global stage. We should be dismantling their backsides like the Germans buckwheated the Australians: 4-0, if not [...]

Tex Avery Classic

A sweet cartoon classic from MGM. Tex Avery, you were a god.

Crater Face

This is a storytelling masterclass in the Pixar mould. It’s actually just a CalArts student’s second year project, but even so, there’s more emotion in these four minutes than in Michael Bay’s entire oeuvre. Brilliance. Crater Face from Skyler Page on Vimeo.

Adam Buxton’s Festival Song

Oh Adam. We still love thee. We all know The Persuasionists was just a blip.

Cassetteboy vs The One Show

Patrick Stewart V James Corden

I’ve watched this video a few times now and still can’t decide who was the bigger prick. See what you think:   Was it Corden for shoving his chins into an old man’s face, or Stewart for believing he could beat Corden at his own game? Was it wrong for Corden to so relish slagging [...]


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