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Archive for: September, 2011

Tinker Tailor Soldier Why?

Walking out of the darkness I turned to my wife and said the words that seemed to echo around me: “I didn’t get it.” George Smiley got it, at the top of the final reel. Sitting alone in his secret office above Liverpool Street station, listening over & over to Ricki Tarr’s testimony – “Moscow are laughing at [...]

Attack the Block

This review contains spoilers. Released on DVD today ‘Attack the Block’ screams to be watched in a double bill with ‘Super 8′ as flipsides of the same kids v monster flick; one so American retro, the other so British contemporary, both revealing the true size of the Atlantic divide in terms of cultural styles. ’Super 8′ is the American ideal. [...]

The Knock on Effect: Update

Right now I’m feeling very strange. First off, I am incredibly angry, and I very rarely get incredibly angry about anything. What’s the point? Get angry at the state of the nation? Why? The nation is forever-evolving, its destination probably predetermined, the last thing it needs is me wasting time fuming over it. Angry at my kids when they don’t behave? Why? Obviously they need to see disapproval, but [...]

The Bachelor

It’s September and time for the TV channels to reward us for coming back from our two weeks in the Algarve unscathed by unleashing the trash for our viewing pleasure. Spurious invented rivalry-laden X- Factor? Check. Big Brother, both Vaguely Heard-of Skanks and Regular Skanks versions? Check. But there’s also a new piece of visual [...]

Michael Buble and the Russian Unicorn

A classic example of 21st Century netart. An already fantastic video and song transformed into an entirely new entity by the creative endeavours of a buncha guys who’ll probably never hit anywhere near as big as Buble but who’ve created something that many – including big-hearted Buble himself, as he admits here and here – would consider a [...]


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