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Archive for: December, 2008

Eartha Kitt

When I heard that Eartha Kitt had died my initial reaction was…well, when I saw the obit on BBC News it was wtf? Why is airtime being wasted on a glorified cabaret artiste who hasn’t touched UK popular culture for over a quarter of a century and who’s virtually unknown to anyone under thirty? Is this not the [...]

“Mamma Mia! I’ve got diarrhoea…

…plop, plop, here comes another one.” Such were the words I sang to this song when I was seven, and which, over three decades later, I still can’t scour out of my head; but then that’s really the only problem I have with Mamma Mia the song, the musical, and now, The Movie. You’ve more chance of finding life [...]

Our Awesome Festive Foursomes

Dur: 26m 24s We round up their four cultural highlights of the year in this, our first Christmas podgasm. Featuring Kenneth Branagh, Frankie Boyle, Take That and Mike sodding Oldfield.

Strictly Unforgivable?

Welcome to the BBC, the Ball-less Begging Corporation, whose hysterical knee-jerks at every Daily Mail letters page are becoming so increasingly frequent & frenzied that it’s in danger of goose-stepping itself into total irrelevance. I’m writing this because BBC Head of Entertainment Production Jon Beazley has let it be known that the failure to predict last week’s Strictly Come Dancing voting fiasco was ’Unforgivable’. Really Jon? ‘Unforgivable’? Well, I think [...]

Beyoncé, I..I..I….Bleeuuuuurgh!

Ok, I’m going to say it….I – Lordy I don’t think I can. Ummmmm….. I uggggghhhhhrrrraaaggghh-ack-ack-ack, hujaaaaaaaaaaah-I-I-I-blooooge- I love Beyoncé! This is a sudden thing. Before last weekend I could, frankly, take or leave her. ‘Bootylicious’? I don’t think so. ‘I’m a Survivor!’ I’m sure you are. ‘But you’re just a boy.” Yes I am, [...]

Music Like Dirt

‘Hey’, you may wonder, ‘where the devil did The Roomyverse get their snazzy WordPress theme from? That snappy design that transforms their Plain Jane blog into a thing of Bradgelina-style CSS beauty? Well, we got it right here: Music Like Dirt. We even shamelessly stole his banner design, but was he annoyed? Au Contraire. “That site looks familiar” was [...]

My childhood is dead. How’s yours?

  Woolies is going under, and the sad sack within me weeps. I bought my first album at Woolies (Hall & Oates’s ‘Abandoned Luncheonette’, if you’re interested) and my first pick n’ mix (cola bottles and chocolate frogs, again if you must know my pre-teen taste in confectionary.) For five years the Woolies in Tunstall [...]

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Every schoolboy’s done it: attach a rotary pump to a sealed jar and suck every air molecule out of it, creating a vacuum. It takes five minutes and costs about twenty quid. The BBC are doing it this year by inserting a thousand famous sportsmen into Liverpool’s Echo Arena at a cost of some £200k and hoping viewers will [...]

Charlie Brooker

The critic’s critic and meeeja c*nthunter Charlie Brooker is back and we’re already into the third week of his superlative new ‘Screenwipe’ series on BBC4. Last week he had a pop at advertising, which is waaaay too soft a target for a man of his nefarious talents, so here’s the first episode for your delectation. Best watch it [...]


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