Here’s a follow-up to post 18: Imagine The Thriller (remix). It’s a little ditty called “Now That I Am Dead” by folk guitarist Richard Thompson. A funny and slightly bitter comment on the dead celebrity business.

This is a live recording, but the song originally appeared on the “French-Frith-Kaiser-Thompson” CD.  A collaboration between John French, who played with Captain Beefheart, Fred Frith, bassist and member of Henry Cow, Henry Kaiser, experimental guitarist, and Richard Thompson. He pretty much plays solo now, and it doesn’t really show here, but in full flow his playing is amazing.

He’s done a few songs like this, and a lot of them are seemingly improvised in concert. Odes to Madonna’s wedding, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson are also worth seeking out if this tickles your fancy.

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Tomorrow, it’s the sound of a robot ghost.

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