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Vladimir PUTIN Are you going to ruin our economies again Barack?

Barack OBAMA Might do.

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Mitch Benn – I’m Proud of the BBC

The King of the Stringers

For those of you who don’t know, a ‘stringer’ is a freelance journalist hired by a news network to report on a certain area. Instead of a regular wage they’re paid by the piece, and Malcolm Brabant is their God. He’s been the BBC’s man in Athens for an age, before that covering Sarajevo and Bosnia at the height of [...]

A Tale of Two Headlines

Now & then I hear something that makes me disappointed with BBC Radio 5 Live all over again. This morning it was a story about child neglect (as opposed to abuse) and how the latest poll from the charity ‘Action for Children’ has discovered that a quarter of adults have worried that a child they know may [...]

Robert Peston: Oh You Handsome Devil

BBC Business Editor Robert Peston went before the Treasury Select Committee last week to be questioned over the run on Northern Rock. Did he cause it? ”I have obviously given a lot of thought to this,” said Rob, ”and the answer is no.”   Excuse me. Ahem. Oh ha hahhahahahahhaHAAAAAAAAAAAAA hahahahahohohoooooodear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear 

Derbyshire be Damned!

Derbyshire be Damned!

Here at the roomyverse, where we have our own Mastermind Championship on the go, we like to keep abreast of any developments in the original TV show. We also like to keep our antennas tuned for any evidence that BBC Radio Five Live’s Victoria Derbyshire may really be a mere vibrating husk of a radio ‘personality’, and so [...]

Strictly Unforgivable?

Welcome to the BBC, the Ball-less Begging Corporation, whose hysterical knee-jerks at every Daily Mail letters page are becoming so increasingly frequent & frenzied that it’s in danger of goose-stepping itself into total irrelevance. I’m writing this because BBC Head of Entertainment Production Jon Beazley has let it be known that the failure to predict last week’s Strictly Come Dancing voting fiasco was ’Unforgivable’. Really Jon? ‘Unforgivable’? Well, I think [...]


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