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Archive for: November, 2011

Remembering Rosie

It’s been over two months now since Rosie Kilburn died. There’s a Facebook page dedicated to her memory, and her blog, of course, continued by her parents to keep on raising awareness & cash for cancer causes across the UK. Right now there are teenagers all over the country facing the same painful uncertain future that Rosie squared up to. A few may share her [...]


Last week one forty second video seemed to take over the world. And it’s just some bloke chasing his dog. Father Ted & IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan was the hub from which Caitlin Moran, Stephen Fry, and other twitterati spread the phenomenon, although initially they thought the man was shouting ‘Benton!’ Within 48 hours ’Fenton’ (as he was actually called) was [...]

X Factor Live – Week 7: Movie Magic

Good news this week, as I can bring you news of The Reason! Yes, since they failed to proceed beyond 2010 Judges Houses yet scaled the dizzy heights of switching on the Winchester Christmas lights last year, it’s been a busy year. For a start, a more successful band called The Reason caused them to [...]

X Factor Live – Week 6: Johanna’s Verdict

Roomybonce: She made it! That, my friends, is dedication to the X Factor cause – bearing the Barlow burden with a wee new babee n’all. I also know there are lot of you out there who missed our Johanna last week so I’m damned if I’m going to let you miss out on her this week, so here is her [...]

Dear BBC…

…don’t cancel Shooting Stars, you fools. As the clip proves, there’s nowhere else on TV that so revels in the absurd, and this morning Bob Mortimer himself tweeted this simple economic fact: Shooting Stars is the definition of affordable popular entertainment. Cancelling it is ridiculously stupid.

X Factor Live – Week 6: Gaga vs Queen

To take the strain from our valiant Johanna, who’s still recovering from birthing a beautiful baby, I have nobly volunteered for this week’s X Factor Blog. It’s finally time, for me, TO FACE, THE MOOSICK. Except apparently it isn’t. ‘Technical difficulites’ delay last Saturday night’s show for a quarter of an hour. Dermy blames a power cut [...]

The Signal

First new comic in just over six months. Woohoo! And I’ll be at my very first convention this weekend, so if you’re anywhere near Leeds do come over to Thought Bubble and say hello – I’m in the Royal Armouries Hall at Table 28.

We Are Three

Happy Birthday to us! And what a birthday it is. 26,000 of you stopped by last month to revel in Head Chef’s Halloween Countdown, in which he posted a new slice of scary pie every single day of the month. A herculean effort, bless him, that bought us an entire new audience, and I’d like to thank every single one of you for [...]

The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn

The production team behind this movie is a film buff’s wet dream: written by Dr Who supremo Steven Moffat and Attack the Block/Scott Pilgrim geek wunderkinds Joe Cornish and Edgar Wright; produced by LOTR/Hobbit genius Peter Jackson, and directed by the action movie maestro of the century, Steven Spielberg. How could it be shit? Even factoring in the slightest ambivalence to mo-cap, why would anyone expect such [...]

RIP Joe Frazier

The title’s classic ’80′s cheesy, the music’s too bloody loud and badly cut in places, but you get the idea. This was a massive fight between two massive men, in every respect. I usually don’t have much time for boxing, but RIP indeed.


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