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Archive for: March, 2010

Clowning Around

Aah, clown suicide. Always funny, right. What I particularly like about this cartoon is that there’s no dialogue. I sometimes forget that cartooning is primarily a visual medium and so I’ve decided that Friday May 14th is going to be “Dialogue Free Webcomic Day”. If you’re interested in joining in you can find out more [...]

Walker’s TV Week: Monday Night is TV Night

Here’s how the TV viewing week goes. Monday night: get to the gym, because then at least you’ll have that under your belt when the health kick goes tits up on Thursday. Tuesday night: guiltily skulk at work pretending you have to work late to avoid going to the ‘Business Chinese’ or ‘Spanish for Holidaymakers’ [...]

Egg & Peas: The Legend of Andy Tully

In today’s transient working culture you’re less & less likely to find yourself working alongside characters who embody an era. Veterans who have absorbed every shift in management and technology over decades to the point where they are untouchable, in both talent and attitude. That’s why I feel so honoured to have worked alongside Andy Tully.  Andy joined BBC News [...]

R.I.P. Alex Chilton 1950 – 2010

Alex Chilton died. He was 59 and, though I don’t own a single Big Star album and only know a handful of his songs, his passing makes me sad. It’s mainly down to the brilliance of one song, Thirteen, written with Chris Bell. I’ve yet to hear a better encapsulation of first love mixed up [...]

Schrodinger’s Other Cat

Schrodinger’s Other Cat

I daresay that this joke has been done before, but I don’t care. I just wanted an excuse to draw Calvin and Hobbes (again). By the way, I’ve started a new webcomic and it lives here:

Then and Now

For some random fun, you should check out E-merl



Webcomic recommendation for this week is Bug. That is all.


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