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Archive for: September, 2009

Hitler hears of Michael Owen’s late winner…

The Melting Ice Caps

If you’ve ever wondered what the spliced sperm of Neil Hannon & Morrissey would sound like if it’d spent a formative decade locked in a box listening to Soft Cell and the Pet Shop Boys, then let me introduce you to Mr. David Shah, aka The Melting Ice Caps. ‘Selfish Batchelor’ was the second of just five singles he’s released since July ’08, every one a bedsit [...]

Open Letter to Lily Allen

Sugarbabes Reassemble!

With the news that the Sugarbabes no longer contain any Sugarbabes and should thus be renamed the ‘Sugarbabes’* (*Warning: does not contain actual Sugarbabes), I think it’s about time the original girls got back together to blow their ten-a-penny europap replacements out of the water. Founder member Mutya Buena agrees: “Hooking up with the rest [...]

Elite is 25

A quarter of a century ago I would spend days in my freezing box room in Fegg Hayes (a teensy hamlet north of the most northern of Stoke’s six towns) hammering at an Acorn Electron home micro. I had the Plus 1 and Plus 3 expansion modules, the former giving me access to the world of analogue joysticks & [...]

Bad Publicity

And the winner of the “Bad Pun Contest” is…….. Evan from Graycontrast. But I’d like to thank Luke Surl, Busalonium, Roy Blumenthal & Andy Brown for taking the time to enter. I think I might have had a few more entries if I’d managed to not confuse you all with a pun that only a [...]

How to….commission a TV title sequence

I’m not privy to the exact decision-making process behind commissioning the title sequence of a flagship BBC drama, but, having seen the ‘Waking the Dead’ titles for the first time last week, I can only imagine that it might go something like this… Commissioning Editor: What we’ve got is a show about detectives, using forensics, to – Graphic [...]

For One Night Only Vol 4 – Wilco

It’s been two months since the last For One Night Only and that’s too long. So, here’s a prime slice of Wilco, a band who seem to have been around forever but have yet to release a truly bad album. Their first isn’t up to much, but letting a band grow over a series of albums [...]

Pirate Attack

This one is in honour of “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” which is on Sept 19th, so get your ‘Arrrrr’s ready. You can find out more about it here. If you want even more pirate cartoons, you should check out the excellent webcomic Savage Chickens. He’s been doing them all week (for the same [...]

Stormtroopers’ 9/11

Once again, I rarely comment on vids, but when our own Lord of Diminishing Returns slipped this through my cyberbox I couldn’t resist featuring it. Many thanks to you, sir, for bringing a chuckle to a bureaucratic day.    


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