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Archive for: August, 2009

Steven Wells: 1960 – 2009

One of the greatest comic journalists ever to hit a key passed away two months ago and bloggers worldwide should mourn his passing. He had passion, intelligence, and a ferocious antipathy towards any kind of mediocrity, but most of all he had style. No-one else could construct a sentence like him. In terms of sheer [...]

Roky Erickson – You’re Gonna Miss Me

I was first attracted to Roky Erickson’s music after he started popping up in Halloween compilations bloggers had put together. He seemed obsessed with horror and science fiction films from the 1940′s/1950′s and appeared to be having a lot of fun. The title of his song “I Walked With A Zombie” is taken from a [...]

The Worst Pun In The World

I feel like I’ve lanced a boil with this one. I thought of this joke a while back, but I tucked it away in my ideas folder, never thinking that I’d actually unleash such a pun on the world. However, every week when I came to drawing my next cartoon, it would squat there, glowering, [...]

Secret Identity

This week’s webcomic top tip is Space Avalanche. Nothing else to report I’m afraid, except to say that I’m very tired.

We’re living in the eighties!

They say that if you can remember the sixties you weren’t there. Well, I wish that were true of my adolescence in the1980′s. I felt short changed. Aids, nuclear war, rampant capitalism and Duran Duran made me wish I’d been born a decade or two earlier. Maybe it’s me though, because as a friend pointed out, [...]


God, the environment and armageddon? You can’t say you’re not getting value for money this week. Although, it is hypocritical of me to slag off Michael Bay and then end the cartoon like one of his films. This week I advise that you click, observe and enjoy this link to Cat Rackham

We Love our NHS, America!

We Love our NHS, America!

The Twitterati have once again exploded with indignation, but this time it’s in defence of our own NHS. Father Ted scribe Graham Linehan stumbled across this anti-Health Care reform editorial in the Investor’s Business Daily. The original version actually made for even more infuriating reading thanks to this paragraph: “People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn’t have [...]

They Must Die #2: The ‘Baby P’ Barker Brothers

Warning: the following post contains mild descriptions of torture and mutilation. My brother Roomybonce is a charitable man. He opens doors for ladies, sacrifices his seat on public transport to the pregnant & the lame, and consumes produce from humane and/or sustainable sources. It is his curse to be the family saint, whereas I…. Let’s just say I am not [...]

The Sun does funny shocker

This is neither new nor particularly newsworthy, but, as public apologies for pisspoor journalism go, I think it’s among the funniest items The Sun has ever published. I’ll let it speak for itself: “In an article published on The Sun website on January 27 under the headline ‘Gollum joker killed in live rail horror’ we incorrectly [...]

Adam Buxton’s Nutty Room


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