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News | roomybonce | April 25, 2009 at 2:48 pm

After a Swedish gentleman horrifically slurred the roomyverse with the claim that we only have 4 readers, I have set out to discover exactly how many of you lovely folk actually visit us, so I can personally thank every man jack of you for stopping by and sharing a scatalogical scone.

For those interested, and because I haven’t worked out how to integrate a site meter into our wordpress theme footer, here are our current figures direct from the UK2 server :

Visits since November: 25047
Visits in April: 5236 (so far)
Daily average visits in April: 193

These unfortunately include visits by the contributors themselves to write as well as view. Wordpress stats strips these away, leaving us with the following:

Visits since November: 8091
Visits in April: 2110
Daily average visits in April: 72

These are people I don’t know, who are just looking at the site, but they’re slowly growing month-on-month. We tend to get odd spikes here & there  - my post on the filming of Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy is still bringing in Beatles Fans, and Roundcat’s short but sweet piece on the Portsmouth Sinfonia got 90 views alone on a single day through various links on Twitter - but mostly it’s a dripfed process of odd folk stumbling across us when googling oddities (including, on one occasion, ‘Dr Manhattan’s Balls’)

Still, regardless of how you have found us, ‘Hello odd people.’

While this may always be a ‘hobby blog’ for me, I think we’ve now got a richly varied stream of content that deserves a wider audience, so over the next month I intend to do a big ad push to put the word out. Coming up: AudioBoo and Blip FM sidebar integration, and, while it might not be advisable to hold your breath for it, Podcast 11: Jailbreak will be with you soon.

Thanks again one and all.

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