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Archive for: January, 2010

Do Not Vote Tory

This was the people of Hackney’s response to David Cameron’s PR nightmare of a poster, and it may seem harsh, but his apparently tentative grip on his own policies does seem to reflect an airburshed toff rhetorically surfing every negative Labour wave rather than a genuinely progressive politician standing up for what he believes in. This time [...]


Whoa, Tetris last week and this week a regime that was toppled nearly ten years ago. Finger. On. The. Pulse. By the way, the reporter is my fairly ham-fisted attempt at a caricature of a former NBC foreign correspondent, who I worked with briefly, many years ago. He is still fighting the good fight at [...]

The Gaylords – Yakety Yak

I’ve been letting this part of Roomyverse slip of late, sorry. I’m getting ready to move and all my spare time is being taken up with packing and preparation. I have so much to organise that sharing the odd audio nugget or two has dropped down my to-do list. So, if you could bear with [...]

Bleak is the New Black

Two weeks into the New Year and Britain was plunged into the worst arctic conditions for over three decades. Not only did we have to live with the New Year Blues and a lack of sunshine, we also had to contend with an unrelenting weather pattern that threatened to bolster an army of global warming [...]

The New Kid

By the way, is there anybody who hasn’t heard of the wonderful Dinosaur Comics? If you were one of those people, you’re now no longer one of those people. Do check it out.

Olbermann slams Robertson over Haiti

Head Chef’s Horror Academy – Week 4: Inferno & The Beyond

Well, I was going to just comment on Dario Argento’s ‘Inferno’, but my wife popped out for an Indian with the girls last night so I decided to watch it again, but this time in a double bill with Lucio Fulci’s ‘The Beyond’, in the hope that one might illuminate the other. Was it a brilliant idea [...]


THIS WEEK’S CARTOON IS A GIF, WHICH THIS SITE SADLY DOESN’T SUPPORT, SO CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMIC (SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE) It would appear that DJ Bogtrotter is one year old. Blimey, already? I still feel like I’m just getting started. I’d just like to thank anyone and everyone who’s subscribed, commented, retweeted, stumbled or just [...]

Fangs a Lot

We’re only a week into 2010 and I think I’ve already seen one of my top ten films this year – what’s going on? It’s not a Rom-Com, a Gross-out Comedy, or a worthy adaptation of a prize-winning book, but a movie about Vampires. A film with Vampires that actually made me jump for the first [...]

Head Chef’s Horror Academy – Week 3: Four Flies on Grey Velvet

Roomybonce: And so, after two elegant cruises through the crimson corridors of Italian Horror courtesy of Mario Bava, the wheels come off in a cartwheeling Richard Hammond stylee with this 1971 effort from bony-faced Giallo ‘genius’ Dario Argento. Here’s the plot: Dreamy haired progrock drummer Michael Brandon is stalked by a dirty old chap in a mac. Understandably annoyed, our hero turns the tables and follows his pervoid [...]


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