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Archive for: December, 2010

Christmas under Fire: 1941

A brief but moving account of Britain’s wartime spirit over Christmas 1940, and a reminder of our own luck.

Tron: Travesty

As I endured this spectacle/debacle my wife updated her FB status with the claim that she was a “Tron widow”, the suggestion being that my time would have been far better spent back at the family home supping Campo Viejo. She was right, of course, and ’Tron: Legacy’, in a bizarre suicide pact with itself, agreed with her. Its central [...]

Meeerrrrry Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

…and a Happy New Year from everybody here at The Roomyverse. Personally, it’s been a great year for me, with various realisations coming together at work & home - just the open secret of simple happiness - with Sofia gaining confidence at school and Pablo already a contrary little man (“I will not have my porridge!” – “Oh, don’t have [...]

Time Machine

Time Machine

Only one week to go until Xmas! You excited/delirious/bloody-sick-of-it-all yet? Also, have you seen the investigative comic stylings of Darryl Cunningham? They’re mostly excellent with a little dash of brilliance.

WTF is this?!

Who the Sweet Jesus collected these celebrities, and on what criteria? Peter Cetera and Andrew Sachs? Ian Rush and Glenn Medeiros? Larry Hagman and Tanita Tikaram? Cliff Richard and Bruno from ‘Fame’?! I’ve no idea why either, but it makes for a c-list masterpiece.

X Factor: Semi Finals 2010

Christmas time! Mistletoe and Wine! Campaigns to stop the X-Factor winner’s single getting to number 1!  And, having sat through Viva’s ’20 years of Christmas Number Ones’ I have departed the Death Star and am firmly on the side of the rebels. Not because I feel that my life will be enriched by listening to [...]

Early Years

Early Years

This week’s shout out is for a fairly new arrival on the webcomic scene, so have a gander at (and be gentle with) The Loose Screw

Even Hitler Hates Bloody Ryanair

Just when I thought this meme had breathed its last, it rises again, replenished, merciless, like a zombie piranha feasting on a pet hate, in this case bloody Ryanair. Thanks to Johanna for the FB heads up.

Kipling’s “If…” by Dennis Hopper

A reminder of how the late, great Dennis Hopper, as an actor and a screen prescence, could excel.

Old Man Roomy Remembers…Assange’s Apocalypse

It’s bin a while since I posted on these here pages. Back then I gave you the lowdown on young Tony Hadley’s burnin’ desire for porcine pleezure, and our own Head Chef’s obsession with the bovine, but the whole world’s changed since then, yessir. It’s been three years since those crazy sun’bitches dropped the big one, and I’m still steppin’ on [...]


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