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Archive for: May, 2010

Head Chef’s Horror Academy – Graduation: Suspiria

And so my introduction to Italian Horror Cinema finally concludes with Dario Argento’s supposedly seminal ’Suspiria’, released in ’77 and the last film ever to be processed in glorious Technicolour fact fans. It’s a companion piece to ’Inferno’ in that it deals with the last of ‘The Three Mothers’, Mater Suspiriorum, The Mother of Sighs, who we find exacting vicious [...]

Ashes to Ashes…

So. Let me get this straight. Gene Hunt is the patron saint of the police force. Literally. He is The Guv’nor of a purgatory in which any copper can right the wrongs of their compromised lives and/or deaths before passing on to the next plain, which is Heaven if you’re a good boy, or Hell if you’re [...]

Happy Birthday George Lucas!

He may only have made a handful of great films and directed just one of them, but George Lucas deserves a 14th of May, birthday greeting anyway. I know he likes going back and tinkering with stuff that geeks the world over hold close to their hearts. Like I know that the last Indiana Jones [...]

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010

I don’t usually comment on videos, and I know it’s just a timelapse of the Iceland volcano, but when this popped up on Twitter I was blown away by the quiet beauty of it. The music’s not bad too. Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

Iron Man 2

“Hi, I’m Robert Downey Jnr – and I’m Gwyneth Paltrow – and we’re here to tell you about ‘Iron Man 2′ – it’s great! – yeah, she’s right, it’s great. Did I say great? I meant ‘magnificent’. We’re talking, errrr – personally, I think it’s twice as good – yeah! – as the first one [...]


I’m back! Did you miss me? What do you mean you didn’t even notice I was gone? Sheesh……… aaaaanyways, it’s “Dialogue Free Comics Day” and this is my entry. You can find out more about it and see all the other entries here:

Yes, Prime Minister: A New Hope?

Oh yes, it was only two months ago that I was pleading with everyone not to vote Tory but you crazed muthas did it anyway, and you couldn’t even do that right. No doubt fighting your own anti-Tory DNA you couldn’t quite manage to vote in sufficient numbers to give the buggers a clear majority and so what [...]

Old Man Roomy Remembers…Head Chef’s Birthday Vet Sex

Yessir, I remember when lil’ Chef came to me back in ’78. He’d seen some Eyetalian movie with a couple a’ spidey-legged continental types doin’ the big jiggy and wanted to get a bit of the action for his birthday – poppin’ his cherry for the big 1-0. I had to set him straight. I said ”nossir, I [...]

Walker’s TV Week: Friends of Dorothy

It goes without saying that the general series of glamorous extended ads for Lord Andrew Fat Wobbler’s latest ventures are the campest thing on TV, except for the presenter, Camper of the Year, Graham ‘Camp is my middle name’ Norton. However, they’ve upped it a notch this year with ‘Over the Rainbow’, the search for [...]

Tim Minchin’s Pope Song


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