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Archive for: July, 2011

Robbie’s ‘Rumours’ Rant

Not particularly fascinating to anyone disinterested by all things footie, but it’s the editing that makes this brilliantly funny.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Well, if you’re going to make a movie like this, a pure WWII period piece with very ‘forties and very American concepts of decency, heroism, good and evil; if you’re going to prioritise wit over irony, morality over mischief, romance over raunch to this degree, then you might as well make it this perfectly. Whether or not you go see Captain [...]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

I have oodles of respect for the Harry Potter cast & crew – and particularly David Yates – for pulling this off. You have to. It’s never been done before, and might never be done again. Eight movies, ten years, one cast, adapting the most beloved series of books in the history of fiction, with the full [...]

Cars 2

Here’s a pic of our first trip to the flix as a family. Shame, then, that it was to see the first Pixar movie to take its eye off the ‘utterly charming’ ball. Cars 2 is an exercise in cool. At times the animation is gasp enducing, and in the opening Oil Rig sequence alone there were several inspired [...]

The Apprentice Finale

Well, hell. I missed last Wednesday’s Apprentice, but did I care? No. I was all, hey, I’ve got like a week till the next one, that is like 7 days, what’s the rush, get off my case, did I ASK to be born? You’re RUINING MY LIFE! – ahem, sorry, where were we? Ah yes, [...]

A Beautiful Video

Depressing too, but still beautiful…

Dear Dirty Hari

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I was genuinely sorry, Johann, to hear you’ve been suspended by The Independent pending an investigation into plagiarism. The exact charge? That your interviews contain old quotes cut n’ pasted from other sources, quotes that you pretended were told to you alone. And you haven’t even tried to deny it: “I did not and never have taken words from another [...]

Book Review: Live Wire

For those unfamiliar with his works, Harlan Coben is basically a touchy-feely Lee Childs. Harlan’s recurring hero – the goofily-monikered Myron Bolitar, making his tenth appearance in Live Wire - shares some DNA with Childs’ Jack Reacher (whose last adventure - Worth Dying For - I reviewed here.) Both men are fundamentally decent ex-government heavies with hearts of gold who could put you in hospital [...]

Rupert’s Wonderful Life

Fry & Laurie on the digger’s dastardliness, with thanks to Charlotte for posting it on FB.

The Apprentice Week 10: Selling Crap

“I’m not lookin’ for bladdy salespeople,” says Sugartits in this week’s intro montage. We can only assume, therefore, that feelings are not cordial between the editors and the producers, because this week’s task is for the teams to take a bunch of market stall reject wares and sell them. “I want you to grow this [...]


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