You may have noticed that I’ve been finishing these posts with a request for real life spooky stories. My plan was to read some in the podcast I’m compiling for the Halloween finale, but I’m going to share this one here. I had an attempt at recording it, but trust me, it reads better here than me reading it aloud. The tale was submitted by longtime Roomyverse contributor Johanna and concerns two friendly dogs…

It was a cold, dark winter’s night, and the wind howled eerily around the deserted castle which was my only refuge for the night… Actually it was a fairly bright afternoon, possibly in October, in a detached house on a smart road in Walton Upon Thames. The faithful but aged retainer who answered my urgent knocking on a long-disused door ushered me into a shadowy room, whose only decor appeared to be the vast cobwebs of spiders spinning to the command of an unseen Arachnid master. Back in reality, my friend Al’s mum told me to wait in the sitting room while she dragged Al away from Call of Cthulu or whatever Lovecraftian entertainment that was providing his current diversion. As I sat there, two enormous black lupine forms entered the room and began to circle me slowly and, it seemed, meaningfully. They brushed against me, each hair on their long backs sending my hand a message of excruciating and terrifying intent.  Who were these servants of Hades? Was it possible that they were Bumble and Gemma, the family labradors? Well, yes. All of a sudden I heard a voice. “Come into the kitchen and have a drink!” it called. Over the diet cokes, pleasantries were exchanged. “Bumble and Gemma are looking well,” I said.

Al replied, “What do you mean? Bumble died last month.”

In the middle of the day, in Surrey’s stockbroker belt, I had seen – and stroked – two dogs. But apparently, only one was actually formally alive…

Tomorrow we spend a little time with the Godfather of Italian horror Mario Bava.

P.S. We want your real life ghost stories for a podcast, so if you’re interested in contributing email them to [email protected]


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