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Vladimir PUTIN Do you want to save the EU or should I?

Barack OBAMA Go ahead, I can\'t afford it

Archive for: December, 2011

“I told you I was Il.” etc, etc,

Well, it’s inevitable isn’t it. It has to be posted on the day of his death, although it may be the only smile we get when his rabid army of xenophobic dwarves march into the DMZ backed by a dozen bodged nuclear warheads.

Count Floyd – Reggae Christmas Eve in Transylvania

Happy Christmas Roomyversians! I hope 2011 was a good year for you. I’ve got no complaints and here at Roomyverse it was a bumper year of hits and site stats, so I’m proud and pleased about that. Here’s something I should have sneaked under the tree on Christmas Eve, but I just couldn’t wait. It’s [...]

RIP Christopher Hitchens

Do I feel ashamed of escorting my children to a Roman Catholic Church most Sunday mornings? Not entirely, but, after watching this, perhaps I should. A great writer and argumentarian.

X Factor Live – Semi Final: Motown

Well, HMV have declared New Kitty in a Bin Bag the winner of this year’s X Factor, so that saves us all 4 hours of our lives on Saturday. And also helps us establish that what the judges and most of the viewing public consider the ‘X’ to stand for is ‘Ability to least annoy [...]

X Factor Live – Week 8: ‘Guilty Pleasures’ & ‘Heroes’

At least the X Factor was not the most embarrassing sight on TV this week. No, that accolade has to go to Masterchef: The Professionals, where Greg ‘Grocer’ Wallace, no longer obliged to slavishly copy the confrontational-butcher-in-an-abattoir attitude of John Torode, is nervously trying to ape Michel Roux Jr’s softer, more supportive style. This led [...]


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