Here it is, the culmination of all this Halloween hysteria! If I’ve learnt anything putting this podcast together, it’s that though most people don’t really believe in ghosts, everyone has some sort of story or spooky experience. At least the people I talked to. I’m a non-believer myself, but we discuss two things that happened to me that creeped me out and I can’t fully explain. Ghosts? You decide. On top of that, there’s another four real life stories, and the apparition at Jim Connolly’s recent wedding reception may be my favourite ghost story ever. Plus some geeky waffle about films, Halloween, and rabid Foxes.

I’ve included all the other stuff that this podcast used to contain: vintage music, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and all the usual contributors. It’s a faithful re-creation of something I put out monthly for about two and a half years before I ran out of steam in 2009. I don’t do it anymore – haven’t the time – and this is not some sort of relaunch. It’s a one-off. The Halloween specials were always the most fun and I think this new episode captures all that pretty well. It’s an odd, unpolished mix, and an even odder climax to the countdown, but there we are. It’s also a little longer than usual with a 1 hour and 6 minutes running time. Believe me, I chopped a lot out.

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Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed or contributed to any part of this month-long series of posts. It’s had an amazing response and thanks to Roomyverse for letting me do it.

Head Chef