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Vladimir PUTIN Are you going to ruin our economies again Barack?

Barack OBAMA Might do.

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What is Twitter?

Let’s start at the beginning. Go to, create an account and log-in. You can then search for people to ‘follow’ (like adding friends on Facebook, except you don’t have to know them) and once you’re following them you will receive their ‘Tweets’. A Tweet is basically like a Facebook status update. It’s text only and can be [...]

How Twitter Killed the 3am Girls

This picture, more than anything, has convinced me that print media is dead. It was taken backstage at last Friday’s Comic Relief on Jonathan Ross’s cameraphone, from which it was then Twittered to the world, and confirms everything Stephen Fry ever said about Twitter’s ability to entirely bypass normal media channels. What would it have taken to get [...]

Charlie Brooker

The critic’s critic and meeeja c*nthunter Charlie Brooker is back and we’re already into the third week of his superlative new ‘Screenwipe’ series on BBC4. Last week he had a pop at advertising, which is waaaay too soft a target for a man of his nefarious talents, so here’s the first episode for your delectation. Best watch it [...]


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