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Roy Budd, Jazz Pianist

Posted by on Apr 6th, 2009 and filed under Podcasts. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

Dur. 19 mins 42secs
Roomybonce’s guide to Roy Budd, composer of ’70s scores from Get Carter to The Wild Geese, pitch perfect child prodigy, Lalo Schifrin impersonator, and defender of the Jazz Pianist faith. Buy his top drawer compilation here.


2 Responses for “Roy Budd, Jazz Pianist”

  1. Marmaduke says:

    “Budd is reduced to scoring half arsed war movie like Wild Geese” says you. Was he now? Or was he just a one-off-er, like 10CC were with “I’m Not In Love”.

    He did Get Carter. It was catchy. End of story of the Roy Budd story. Every other tune on the podgasm is pants. I’ll tell you why too (as I know DJBlockhammer is already spitting at the screen): Because they were cliched even then. The LOVE song (featured) is a disaster on so many musical and lyrical levels I am drowning in it’s awfulness. Pant pants and more pants.It’s a cliche of ‘pulp’ 60′s and 70′s TV.

    If you want to hear true craft I recommend “The Killing Fields” by Mike Oldfield. Now that album truely captures the grit in the eyes of those viscious Vietnamese warriers as they looked over their shoulders at the bar they have just blown up and are now running away from.

    Gritty Vietnam singalong albums. That’s the stuff of real men. Not this whimsical plinky plonky Moog nonsense.


    A Runrig fan.

    PS Its 19mins long innit? Not 17?

  2. roomybonce says:

    Yes, and Mr Oldfield wasn’t a ‘one-off-er’ either was he. Everything he’s done since Tubular Bells has been the stuff of legend hasn’t it. From ‘Five Miles Out’ through ‘Moonlight Shadow’ to whatever Tubular Bells cash-in he can dredge up next, the man’s coasting on his teenage ‘legend’ and it must be soul-destroying for him.

    I admit, the ‘Love’ song is a bit weak, but it was just indicative of the urban ‘groove’ that set Budd apart from most other British composers out there. That ‘funk’, however cliched, was what made him attractive to directors unwilling to succumb to pure orchestration. Their alternatives weren’t fantastic. There weren’t many Lalo Schifrin’s out there. It was all bloody hurdy gurdy roll-out-the-barrel colloquial cobblers pre-Budd.

    So, he was a trailblazer. And yes, The Wild Geese was half-arsed, but I’m afraid I do at least owe you some form of apology, for it is indeed 19 minutes 42 seconds (holy crudola. I will correct it forthwith.)

    ps) who the bedevilled Jesus are ‘Runrig’?
    pps) 10cc did loads of really great songs like..erm……The one about cricket, that wasn’t too bad.


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