Viva Diversity!

Top Story | roomybonce | May 31, 2009 at 1:49 pm

Creative dance tour-de-force Diversity inched out borderline sociopath Susan Boyle last night to snatch the Britain’s Got Talent crown from under the YouTube phenomenon’s florid nose & thunderous brow. Fair play, if La Boyle had nailed a fresh song rather than falling back on her Les Mis breakthrough things might have been different, but Diversity brough a third fresh routine onstage to demonstrate more genuine creativity than over half the finalists combined.

The result proved yet again that, given the chance, the great British public will invariably make the right choice. Any doubts, check out their audition, their semi, and this, from last night:

I can only hope this doesn’t turn Susan ‘dead-cert-turned-Donkey’ Boyle’s already fractured mind to gruesome murder. Watch your back Ashley.

+++UPDATE 01/06/09: Ms Boyle has been admitted to The Priory Clinic suffering from exhaustion as a result of being almost pathologically pissed off, poor cow. Will somebody please tell her that she will soon have the career of her dreams and be pocketing more money than most of her neighbours and their future offspring will ever earn in their combined lifetimes? Personally, I know a number of nameless young men who’d be more than willing to kiss the cash out of her flapping pants should she feel the need to shudder with some other emotion bar greed, so it only remains for me to say this: Get a Grip, you fame-fucked spinster+++

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