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Vladimir PUTIN “Mr Jackson, I lost my virginity to your song Ben. Rest in Peace.”

Barack OBAMA “Poor Jacko is now forever blowing Bubbles. It is a damn shame.”

A Quickie

Posted by DJ Bogtrotter on Jul 3rd, 2009 and filed under recent. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

I’ve been busy this week. Managed to update my blog (finally) – see below. Did a guest cartoon for y2cl which will appear sometime in July and then did another one for CockNBull which you can see here.

5 Responses for “A Quickie”

  1. Head Chef says:

    DJ, Did you draw that Cock & Bull strip or does guest mean tha you wrote it for them? Doesn’t look like your style, but maybe it’s you?

    • DJ Bogtrotter says:

      Written & drawn by me. It doesn’t look like my usual scrawl as I was able to copy someone who can actually draw well.

  2. roomybonce says:

    I must confess to not knowing what a ‘Hoochie Mama’ was until further research in the Urban Dictionary revealed it to be ‘A female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous’ with the intention of ensnaring a rich gentleman – i.e. a gold digger. Was this Barry’s ‘most embarrassing phrase cried out in mid-coitus’? Or Chef’s? Obviously I’m disappointed that my ‘Saddam! Enlarge me!’ didn’t make the final cut, although I admit it would have entailed drawing the entire Republican Guard in the final frame and giving the lady a moustache, but we’ve all been there haven’t we gentleman? Eh?

    • DJ Bogtrotter says:

      Twitter turned out to be very shy at revealing their sexual cries. I only had one other reply which didn’t fit either, so just had to come up with “Hoochie Mama” on my own.

    • Head Chef says:

      No, my most embarrassing phrase was “To the Bat Cave!” that or “Mummy!”


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