Godzilla Vs The Love Monster

TV | Head Chef | April 24, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Godzilla as you’ve never seen him before - getting down & dirty with a rampant Sea Monster.

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  1. Head Chef says:

    Here’s my favorite exchange of comments the clip has generated on You Tube, where an angry, older Godzilla fan, Flegan777, leans across the generation gap to demand respect from the disaffected Xitrax.

    Xitrax (6 months ago)
    his roar is a shitty voice actor, just like Jason Griffith and sonic.

    Flegan777 (5 months ago)
    Have some respect, the guy’s dead

    Xitrax (5 months ago)
    who u talking about??

    Flegan777 (5 months ago)
    The so-called shitty voice actor who did Godzilla’s voice is dead

    Xitrax (5 months ago)
    uhh, sorry? i dun really care cos i never knew him

    Flegan777 (5 months ago)
    Well try showing a little respect instead of calling him shitty

    Xitrax (5 months ago)
    well i should have SOME curtosy about this guy… But he doesnt even sound like Godzilla

    Flegan777 (5 months ago)
    It’s spelled courtesy and the reason they couldn’t use the traditional Gojira roar is because Toho wouldn’t let them (though they used it in this show’s Japanese dub). They had to do something. And I think Ted Cassidy did a good job. He had to growl like that for 3 seasons straight, that took some work.

    Xitrax (5 months ago)
    meh, whatever man… I really dont care lol, however you got all that information… I really dont need to know >.>

    Flegan777 (5 months ago)
    I pretty much expected that response. Later then, kid

  2. roomybonce says:

    That’s so sad. I feel so old. I am that Flegan777.

    Bloody kids.

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