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Imagine you could speak on Twitter. Imagine everyone on Twitter, and facebook, could actually hear your voice. That’s AudioBoo, an iPhone app and desktop site that allows you to leave wee aural notes for all your ‘followers’.

Perhaps you’re walking down the street when you suddenly catch the eye of a not so young & not so slim individual. An enormous witticism springs to mind -  if you are of such a cruel mind - but what should you do with it? You must act fast, lest this seed of your febrile imagination slip between the floorboards of your fecund brain like so many millions before it. You could Tweet it, but its hilarity may be lost in translation (particularly if you’re far more verbally dexterous than literal) and it could take slightly longer than 140 characters to communicate. You could logon to facebook and post a status update, but in the ensuing valuable seconds the shine from your comedic gem may be forever tarnished. 

No, the fastest way to act is to open AudioBoo and eternalise the thought with your very tongue. A few flicks of your thumb later and you’ve appended a photo and a brief descriptive sliver of text and it’s up there for everyone to hear, on AudioBoo, facebook and Twitter.

Are you a follower of Stephen Fry? Reading his Tweets and imagining his voice in your head is all very well, but would you rather not actually hear that gorgeous voice, in a cab, moist with emotion on his way from Clement Freud’s funeral, for example? AudioBoo is a chance to hear everyone voice their thoughts; it’s a chance to hear the world.

Doesn’t that sound great? Join here.

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