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As I might have mentioned earlier, last week my wife & I (donchaknow) spurned Glasto for Brighton to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. But where to stay? I’ve never been to Brighton for anything other than a daytrip, and the last of those was in 1996. A quick twizzle through tripadvisor unearthed Snooze, a 4 star B&B with plenty of five star reviews celebrating its spotless quirkiness and quiet comfort.

And they weren’t wrong. It’s based in an appropriately snoozy suburban street in Kemptown that’s still only ten minutes walk from the centre and just two streets back from the seafront. The minute we walked through the door, one of the owners, Paul, started filling in a map, showing us where we were and all the points of interest thereabouts. In our room was a fantastically helpful laminated folder filled with recommendations for restaurants, bars and clubs, written in the button-holing style of an old friend. I know it sounds like bumpf, but it reinforced the welcome of the place. We were made to feel like one of the Snooze family almost immediately.

We’d booked the cheapest room, which was also, consequently, the smallest, but they’d decked it out in a seamless blend of decades from the ‘fifties to the ‘seventies. There was a plastic nest of tables I remembered as a boy, a chrome-tubed apparently corduroy sofa, flying ducks on the wall and a collection of old industrial clocks gracing the chimney breast. Some may have balked at the lime green pedestal sink (near the door, old school separate from the modern en suite powershower) but it felt - as everything did – right as part of an accomplished overall design. Any totally modern touch – like the clock radio with handy iPod dock – was tucked away, and the general impact was of a room slightly removed from time. It gives you a break just by gently prising you from normal life. My only gripe was that I couldn’t find anything I’d want to read on the otherwise well stocked bookshelves.

The communal areas are similarly focussed, with original murals alongside old advertising and the occasional giant pouting rainbow fish. There’s even a decked balcony on the first floor, if you need to soak up the sun, but it’s the dining room, in particular, that stands out as an original and relaxing space in which to indulge in one of the finest Full English brekkies I’ve ever known.

Scrub that. The Snooze Breakfast is probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had in a B&B or hotel. Every element was done to perfection and partnered with as much hot toast, juice & jam as I could cram into my belly. It’s the first time I’ve walked away from a breakfast table totally sated and ready for the next great day ahead.

And Brighton gave us three great days among The Laines, filling our bags with enough Snooze-inspired stuff to redecorate our entire house, while in the evening we indulged in top Spanish (at La Bodega) and Thai grub. And we caught a show – Joseph, with gaping-mawed, wobbly moobed reality runner up Keith Jack – and strolled along the prom.

It was a luxurious weekend that we’ve decided to make an annual event, and that decision is in no small part down to Snooze. Thanks guys!

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