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Vladimir PUTIN Will you stop banging on about BP

Barack OBAMA No! Those Limey bastards are gonna pay.

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A Tale of Two Headlines

Now & then I hear something that makes me disappointed with BBC Radio 5 Live all over again. This morning it was a story about child neglect (as opposed to abuse) and how the latest poll from the charity ‘Action for Children’ has discovered that a quarter of adults have worried that a child they know may [...]

Derbyshire be Damned!

Derbyshire be Damned!

Here at the roomyverse, where we have our own Mastermind Championship on the go, we like to keep abreast of any developments in the original TV show. We also like to keep our antennas tuned for any evidence that BBC Radio Five Live’s Victoria Derbyshire may really be a mere vibrating husk of a radio ‘personality’, and so [...]


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