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Vladimir PUTIN Will you stop banging on about BP

Barack OBAMA No! Those Limey bastards are gonna pay.

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Steven Wells: 1960 – 2009

One of the greatest comic journalists ever to hit a key passed away two months ago and bloggers worldwide should mourn his passing. He had passion, intelligence, and a ferocious antipathy towards any kind of mediocrity, but most of all he had style. No-one else could construct a sentence like him. In terms of sheer [...]

Time to die…

…because I hate the N.M.E. and that must make me over a thousand years old. I think it’s because I no longer have any patience for overdramatising, fictionalising, or, indeed, attaching any importance whatsoever to musicians, and it all started with this cover from last July. First off, it’s Bobby Gillespie, who I’ve always thought was a busted flush as a [...]


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