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Vladimir PUTIN I had absolutely nothing to do with the Poland thing.

Barack OBAMA Yeah, right.

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What is Twitter?

Let’s start at the beginning. Go to, create an account and log-in. You can then search for people to ‘follow’ (like adding friends on Facebook, except you don’t have to know them) and once you’re following them you will receive their ‘Tweets’. A Tweet is basically like a Facebook status update. It’s text only and can be [...]

D-Day vets in Brown storm

D-Day vets in Brown storm

And by that I don’t mean an MRSA squittercane. I’m talking about Gordon Brown jumping on the D-Day 65th anniversary bandwagon at the mearest hint that Barack Obama might stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the increasingly few surviving D-Day vets to remember their friends who fell on the beaches of Normandy. 
A public campaign, kicked off by The Independent newspaper back last June, has [...]


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