The Beeb has an annoying habit of thinly disguising public service announcements as programming. To wit, those ‘heir hunter’ shows that are a PSA for making a will. That empty homes programme, which tries to solve the housing crisis by persuading us that living in damp ex-butcher’s shop with dodgy stains on the floor is a really great idea. Anything with Dominic Littlewood, who has made a career out of televising his visits to OAPs warning them not to get ripped off by blokes who turn up in a horse & cart offering to tarmac their drives (it is amazing the number of people who agree to this kind of proposition even when they DON’T EVEN HAVE A DRIVE, on the basis that it seemed like a good idea at the time. This is how Greece got lent money at Germany’s rates.)

However, the Beeb has randomly decided to break with this strategy for The Apprentice, which we can guarantee will not, no never, show any examples of how something actually should be done. Even the announcer starts sniggering about how the Apprentii can’t even use a calculator.