The Hottest New Group In Jazz!

It was a relatively short career for this trio of vocalists, and the group officially ended with the death of Dave Lambert in 1966. They did manage to get 7 albums out between 1957 and 1962, which is pretty good going.

On “Halloween Spooks” they attempt what can only described as spooky scat-singing, but if we’re talking about strange scat-singing, Scooby ‘The Human Horn” Taylor sets the standard (check out an earlier post on Scooby here)

So, tilt your beret and let’s get down and groovy with Lambert, Hendricks and Ross as they skiddley be-bop an audio nightmare that’s real gone man. Real gone.

(or right click here and ‘Save Target As’ to download. iPad and iPhone users can also touch that link to open the media in a new window)

Tomorrow’s countdown acts as a response to Post 18 (Michael Jackson: Imagine The Thriller – remix) via folk guitarist Richard Thompson.

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