Is no one else excited? Goblin? Live at The Scala on Monday the 27th of July? It’s too good to be true, right?

Ok, there may be only handful of people who share my excitement at seeing these masters of Italian prog rock next week and you can bet they’re all Dario Argento fans too. Goblin are John Williams to Argento’s Spielberg. They have scored five of the horror film-maker’s best films and their main composer, Claudio Simonetti, has worked with him on many more. Argento’s horror is a blend of dream logic, architecture, and operatic violence. All captured by a restless, voyeuristic camera. Goblin’s haunted themes and gothic melodrama compliment his films perfectly.

Argento has been below par for a while now, but, after watching YouTube clips of Goblin recently playing a church in Austria, I’d say they are sounding as disturbing as ever. It helps that they’re projecting scenes from the films as they play. A smart move for a band whose biggest “hits” are instrumentals, unless you count shouting “Witch” on the Suspiria theme as a lyric. I’m more than a little excited to be seeing them on Monday, this is the group’s first series of concerts in thirty two years and I’ll be at the front nodding my head and stroking my beard. That’s how you listen to progressive rock, stage diving is frowned upon

It’s pointless trying to go into detail about the music when you ultimately have to hear it to understand what I’m writing about. So, I’ve put together a personal best of, with music from Deep Red, Suspiria and Dawn of the Dead, plus, radio ads for Suspiria and Dawn Of The Dead to break up the tracks.

I’m glad this post has thrown some light on that much maligned, in many cases deservedly so, genre of progressive rock. If you sort through crap like, Rick Wakeman’s The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table – On Ice, there’s some good stuff to be found from an era when music started to take itself far too seriously and, as a result, went a little bonkers. I think, in the future, more prog rock mp3′s could make their way into the pages of the roomyverse, but for now, blow out that candle, embrace the darkness and let a little Goblin into your life.


Thanks for listening

Head Chef.

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