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Vladimir PUTIN “There is only one word to describe these people. C*nts”

Barack OBAMA “Goddamn I am one handsome mutha. Am I right? You betcha.”


Roy Budd, Jazz Pianist »

Dur. 19 mins 42secs Roomybonce’s guide to Roy Budd, composer of ’70s scores from Get Carter to The Wild Geese, pitch perfect child prodigy, Lalo Schifrin impersonator, and defender of the Jazz Pianist faith. Buy his...

April 6 2009 / 2 comments / Read More »

For Jane »

A very personal podcast this, dedicated, as it is, to a very old friend who died last month. I really don’t recommend you listen to it unless you knew Jane and she touched your life as profoundly as she...

March 22 2009 / No comment / Read More »


I Dismember Mama!!!! »

I thought we’d give For One Night Only a little rest. I’ll come back to it at some point, maybe dip in and out...

May 18 2009 / No comment / Read More »

Death Of A Silly Man »

The recent death of Dom DeLuise saddened me. I grew up in the 70’s and his clowning littered the films and videos I watched...

May 6 2009 / 6 comments / Read More »

Classless Society »

How does a film about a serial killer set during Pinochet’s reign in Chile end up being a feel-good movie? I think it was that...

Apr 21 2009 / 1 comment / Read More »

Received Wisdoms »

I’ve been getting so much stick from workmates for daring to criticise Roger Moore’s action epic ‘The Sea Wolves’ in the Roy Budd Podgasm,...

Apr 11 2009 / 2 comments / Read More »



Viva Diversity! »

Creative dance tour-de-force Diversity inched out borderline sociopath Susan Boyle last night to snatch the Britain’s Got Talent crown from under the YouTube phenomenon’s florid nose & thunderous brow. Fair play, if La Boyle had nailed a fresh song rather than falling back on her Les Mis breakthrough things might have been different, but Diversity brough...

May 31 2009 / No comment / Read More »

Godzilla Vs The Love Monster »

Godzilla as you’ve never seen him before – getting down & dirty with a rampant Sea Monster. ...

Apr 24 2009 / 2 comments / Read More »

The King of the Stringers »

For those of you who don’t know, a ’stringer’ is a freelance journalist hired by a news network to report on a certain area. Instead of a regular wage they’re paid by the piece, and Malcolm Brabant is their God. He’s been the BBC’s man in Athens for an age,...

Apr 15 2009 / 3 comments / Read More »


Awesome »

I do feel a bit guilty slagging off this particular word as some of you have been kind enough to use it to describe some...

Jun 12 2009 / No comment / Read More »


We’re revamping and we need You….

Apologies in advance but the site may not be updated quite so frequently as I twiddle with different themes, layouts, and a major WP upgrade. The aim is to make the site more appealing, more accessible, and generally more...

May 14, 2009 / More »


Wilde about Twitter

The jolly netjocks at B3ta have come up with the first Twitter joke based on the works of Oscar Wilde, and it’s just made me LOL in the staff bogs, much to my colleague’s mute distress. I...

Jun 2, 2009 / More »


OLD MAN ROOMY remembers…

Swine Flu & The Spands This must’ve been back in ‘83. I was on the road with Spandau Ballet - it must’ve been off the back of the ‘True’ album, a long player so massive...

Apr 29, 2009 / More »


J. G. Ballard: 1930 – 2009

I am actually a huge fan of J. G. Ballard. For me, his work was the perfectly polarised companion to the Star Trek adventures of the early 80’s, novelisations around which I read widely, expanding my sci-fi universe...

Apr 21, 2009 / More »

Mags & Rags

D-Day vets in Brown storm

And by that I don’t mean an MRSA squittercane. I’m talking about Gordon Brown jumping on the D-Day 65th anniversary bandwagon at the mearest hint that Barack Obama might stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the increasingly few surviving...

Mar 21, 2009 / More »


Stoke-on-Trent: Cradle of Darts

Yes! It is! Wedgwood and Royal Doulton – the once proud pottery flagships of my glorious hometown - may be slipping beneath shit creek as Yankees by the coachload decide not to fly 2,000 miles to buy...

Jan 14, 2009 / More »

For One Night Only

For One Night Only Vol.2 – XTC

Right, let’s keep this short and straight to the point. I think there was too much waffle on the last post, especially when this should essentially be about the music. Feels like I...

May 10, 2009 / More »


Sir Clement Freud: 1924 – 2009

A great man once said: “If you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don’t actually live longer; it just seems longer”. That was Clement Freud: Liberal MP, ‘celebrity chef’ over...

Apr 18, 2009 / More »

2001 Opening, by The Portsmouth Sinfonia

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