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News | roomybonce | January 4, 2009 at 12:44 am

I don’t care what Annie Lennox thinks, and she doesn’t care that I don’t care what she thinks, and the less I care about what she thinks, the more she seems to think that what she thinks is vitally important to the human race. Our opposing wills are like two thoroughbred stallions harnassed to the very edges of reality itself, the sheer force of our combined refusals to give a shit tearing a wound in the Barse of time & space - a void into which everything we say falls, rendering our every word a paradigm of lobotomised insignificance.

And the more I try to stop really not caring what Annie Lennox thinks, for the sake of our very existence, the more Annie Lennox thinks people really care about what she thinks, passionately. Here’s just a sample of what she’s thinking today: 

“A few days after Christmas I came downstairs, put the television on and saw smoke pyres emanating from buildings and it shook me to the core,” she said.

“I was thinking, as a mother and as a human being, how was this going to be a solution to peace?

“It’s a question of human rights, human values that goes beyond Jewish, Muslim, nothing to do with any of that. There has to be a place ultimately where people come to the table.”

When I came downstairs this morning and read that “Singer Annie Lennox has joined high-profile campaigners to call for an end to Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip ” on the BBC News website, I too was shocked to the core. Shocked to think that anybody - let alone the Israeli Government or the cowering leaders of Hamas - would give a Stoat’s cock for the opinion of a self-inflated 80’s has-been whose previous high-watermark of social commentary involved donning pvc pants & shoulder pads to sing beside a monstrous menstrual chamois leather.

Now, it doesn’t matter that I totally agree with her; that I think the Israelis are just using the rocket attacks as an excuse to fulfill their long-held ambition to purge Gaza - an act that borders on genocide and is inexcusable despite Hamas’ cowardly tactic of burying themselves in the general population in the hope that Israel would never dare do exactly what they’re doing: bomb with little regard for collateral damage. The ground forces are going in and we can hope there won’t be a bloodbath, but it’s a pretty thin hope. Gaza, in its current state, may not exist after this, and the Palestinians would never forgive Israel for that, so no, I believe peace may now never be possible. Happy New Year.

But the fact that we agree is irrelevant. Annie Lennox is an artistic & cultural irrelevance, and her position at the forefront of the protests, alongside old stalwarts Bianca Jagger and George Galloway, says far more about her ego than any desire she may have for peace. Where are her fellow Goddesses of 80’s AOR rock? Wither Taylor Dane? Wherefore art thou Carol Decker? They’re nowhere to be seen, because they’ve accepted that their time has passed.

And Dave Stewart’s not exactly been quiet these days either, as can be seen from this story in The Sun:

“Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has created a buzz with the announcement that he’s designed a diamond encrusted dildo with a price tag of £1,000

The 56-year-old music legend collaborated with specialist adult-only firm Jimmyjane to devise the product called the ‘Little Steel Tonight’ vibrator.

Each phallus is made of solid steel with a “satin finish” and features a ring of 28 diamonds. It also has a guitar pick attached and the lyrics from Stewart’s latest solo song, ‘Let’s Do It Again’, inscribed on it.”

Come friendly bombs and fall on Eurthymics.

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  1. roundcat says:

    What happens anywhere in the world doesnt matter and I don’t care what happens as long as it doesnt affect my immediate circle.

    12,000 BC humans came to Earth. People take land. Then they fight over it. People die. Time passes. People get born. They do it all over again. Repeat for 200,000 years when the early stages of the Sun leaving its Yellow Dwarf state and entering a Red Dwarf one begins. Then it will engulf the Earth and then Annie Lennox, Isreal, Humas or anything Earthy will cease to exist.

    fUCK EM.

  2. roomybonce says:

    Awww Roundcat, how can you let us believe that you’re so unaware of how everything interconnects? Those 7/7 bombings that happened before your very eyes, that left you profoundly moved, and spurred you into such a great act of chivalry - were they natural spontaneous events? Or were they motivated by the perceived abuse of strangers by strangers thousands of miles away?

    Imagine that you’ve lived in Gaza this past decade. Food, electricity, and medical supplies are scarce or spartan; your neighbours control the supply routes and they won’t let you out of your own country without passing through military checkpoints; and they also consider you sub-human. Constantly, from under their breath, you hear them call you a Monkey, a Pig, an Animal. What would you do?

    I know it doesn’t ‘matter’, because you don’t live in Gaza and will probably never meet anyone who does, but perhaps it will matter when a crack Hamas suicide squad infiltrate an Israeli nuclear facility and there’s an irradiated cloud hanging over your Luminosity Court?

  3. roundcat says:

    As I said: “I don’t care what happens as long as it doesnt affect my immediate circle.”

    …and I might add, neither do you. I can prove it as well.

    The next time you feel upset by what is going on in Gaza master yourself and realise how quickly you turn your attention from that to…oh I don’t know… a sandwich. Or the football results or Jade Gody or a bottle of Joop. Then tell me how much you care.

  4. roundcat says:

    Watch this (be warned it is VERY graphic):

    NOW watch this:

    What is your heart doing?

  5. roomybonce says:

    My heart is wondering what we - as Londoners who are constantly blarting on about our the 7/7 ‘heroes’ - would do if we had to live like the Gazans live. Our schools bombed, our children killed, every week. Imagine if we had a 7/7 every week. We would soil ourselves and then probably go mad. We know absolutely nothing about how these people live and - hang on, i’ve just seen the PG Tips Monkey milking a cow on TV. Oh that’s brought a smile to my face. And I’ve just seen a promo for the new ‘ITV Player’ in which they’ve completely ripped off the I-Player logo, the cheap bastards - but no, we know nothing about life in Gaza and we should thank the Mighty Christ that we are ‘free’ in ways they can’t imagine. Oh Boo Hoo woolies is closing. Oh poor us. Their children are dying and, yes, we should care about that, or all this BS we teach our kids about ‘treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself’ is just so much heartless hypocrisy.

    We Are Bastards.

  6. roomybonce says:

    Oh no. Please God. I’m turning into Annie Lennox. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. roundcat says:

    In the UK it takes something as puny as a bit of bad weather to make people upsticks and leave the country. Why Gazans hang about under a rain of fire and smoke and blood is beyond me. No God is about this. The HAMAS are deranged and its probably a good idea to not be, where they are.

  8. roomybonce says:

    Lebanon aside, Hamas are one of the few democratically elected bodies in the Middle East. All they want is a peaceful country where they can live with dignity as free men, rather than inmates of the glorified open prison into which Israel has transformed Gaza, against quite a few international laws. Sharon may have withdrawn Israelis from the strip, but to then impose checkpoints in and out of the city and build a wall that blatantly violates the definition of Palestinian territory is absolutely obscene. Israel, with big brother USA behind them, believe themselves to be invioble. We’ll soon see about that.

  9. roundcat says:

    Look at this picture:

    Can you see anything wrong within it? The Hamas are arses. In fact any religeon which raises a gun up as the word of their God is a deluded, viscious insane one and the Earth would be a better place if it was free of every man, woman and child of them!

    So there.

  10. roundcat says:

    I kn ow I spelt religion wrong. The world would eb a bette rplace free of me too.

  11. roundcat says:

    Oh dear God! What is wrong with my spelling??????

  12. roomybonce says:

    Let’s read where you got that picture from again: ‘’. The ultimate PR machine and hardly an objective source.

  13. roundcat says:


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