Are there any good Indian sci-fi movies?

Are there any good Indian sci-fi movies?

Are there any good Indian sci-fi movies?

August 3, 2023 in  Movie Reviews Darius Whitlock

by Darius Whitlock

The Hidden Gems of Indian Sci-fi Cinema

So, here's a little known fact: Not all sci-fi movie buffs get their thrill exclusively from Hollywood's CGI-saturated interstellar extravaganzas. Some of us - and I count myself proudly among that number - look for substance along with the style, a blend of deep metaphysical conundrases, cultural richness and remarkable characters! That's an order nearly impossible to fulfill, right? Well, I'd have agreed if not for the Indian sci-fi movies I've been digging into lately.

From afar, Bollywood is famous largely for its energetic dance numbers and heartfelt dramas. But closer inspection would reveal a hidden treasure of thoughtful and suspenseful science fiction. Granted, it's a smaller niche compared to its Hollywood contemporaries, but mind you, Indian sci-fi cinema had given birth to some gems worth talking about.

Indian Sci-fi: When East Meets West

Historically speaking, Indian cinema has taken western concepts and presented them with an oriental twist quite often. Now, despite confronting budgetary restraints and audience skepticism, Indian cinematic minds have created quite the repository of sci-fi movies, intelligently blending western concepts with Eastern philosophy and Indian ethos. A good Indian sci-fi movie is like a curry, it's spicy, it's hot, and it's full of surprises!

I recall this one time when my boy, Xander, and I decided to binge-watch some Indian Sci-fi movies. I prepared some popcorn, Xander managed the remote (kids these days, am I right?), and Bailey, my loyal beagle, snoozed at our feet. By the end of the movie marathon, Xander was enthralled, Bailey was still asleep, and I realized that Indian Sci-fi has a unique and delightful flavor of its own.

Time Travel and Aliens: Diving Into the Unknown

Alright, coming back to the movies. Let's talk about the Indian ventures into the realms of time travel and aliens, shall we? One of the most notable pieces that come to my mind is '24', a gripping thriller that interweaves intricate chronology into its plot. 'Eega' uses reincarnation as a Sci-fi twist, and imagine the protagonist coming back as a housefly for revenge! I bet that was a plot twist none of us saw coming.

And then there's 'PK', an extraterrestrial's perspective on human customs and religions that was beautifully crafted. The movie was marinated in humor and touching sentimentality, and I must say, it had me both laughing and crying by the end of it. Trust me, between 'PK' and Bailey's goofy antics, I'm not sure which kept Xander more entertained!

The Rise of Tech Thrillers in India

Technological thrillers constitute a significant portion of the Indian Sci-Fi genre. Rest assured, these are not your generic 'mobile phone turned evil' narratives. They intelligently incorporate societal fears and drawbacks of rampant digitization into compelling storylines. An impressive example of this is 'Robot', a movie that cleverly looks at the world of AI, questioning the lines between human love and robotic programming.

There's a sequel too, and I swear to God, it had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I remember watching it on a lazy Saturday afternoon, well, I was supposed to be tidying up the house, but let's just say the movie seemed a lot more exciting than the dirty laundry pile.

Beyond the Earth: Indian Space Movies

Are we even talking about Sci-fi if we avoid the topic of space exploration? The Indian film Industry has made some commendable contributions here too. 'Mission Mangal' is a shining example of this, a movie based on the real-life Indian Mars mission. A bunch of underdogs taking India to Mars? Count me in any day, every day!

Apart from 'Mission Mangal', there's also 'Tik Tik Tik', touted as India's first space film. It was an armrest-clenching suspense thriller that took the audiences on an incredible interstellar journey. As I watched it, I couldn't remember the last time I had such an adrenaline rush, except maybe the time Bailey escaped into the neighbor's yard chasing a squirrel!

Indian Sci-fi Web Series Round-up

And hey, the Indian sci-fi isn’t just restricted to the silver screen. Over the last few years, there has been a slew of web series that have taken the sci-fi genre by storm in India. These innovative, out-of-the-box series are changing the face of Indian sci-fi with their daring narratives and stellar cast. Case in point, 'Sacred Games' takes us through the quagmire of time-distance relativity and nuclear threats. 'Leila' presents a dystopian world that will make you think twice before wasting water. There is also the 'Jamtara' series that wisely brings cybercrime into mainstream conversations.

So there you have it - a comprehensive glance at the very best of Indian sci-fi cinema and web series. It is a genre that frankly deserves more credit than it gets. After all, it takes great skill to tell complex narratives without extensive reliance on multimillion-dollar special effects. It’s time we dive in and acknowledge this lesser-known frontier of Indian cinema. Trust me, you won't regret getting on this unusual yet exciting sci-fi ride!

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